Whom are They Fooling?

By Norma Zager

Bad people usually hang out in gangs.

After all, like minds think alike.

Of course there is always that lone wolf who plots and plans his evil in secret, surprising everyone, even those closest, but most times, gangs reign.

There wasn’t just Al Capone; there was the Capone gang.

Mafias are families, Nazis have a political party, and on and on.

Having said that, there is one similarity in all these groups, a leader or figurehead to inspire and captivate his followers.

Oftentimes even killing the leader will not thwart the evil activities of his minions, but it is important to understand the dynamic shared between the leader and his crew.

That is why it is crucial to understand the life-and-death relationship that now exists within the new Axis of Evil in our modern world.

Iran, Russia and North Korea.

Although they are the big three in this evil effort, they have numerous support players. Support that enables and increases their ability to do damage and wreak havoc on our planet and the good people that live within.

But let us focus on the big three and their plan to destroy the west.

If there is one leader on this council that is calling the shots and guiding the agenda, it is Iran.

Russia and North Korea are the enablers in the sick little ménage-a-trois and allow Iran to achieve its ends in the most flawless manner.

First, let’s examine old Mother Russia, as by now many are thinking, Russia, that’s no big deal, they are small potatoes, no pun intended.

Ah, but they are a large potato indeed.

It is Russia’s role to stack the deck in favor of the evil agenda. They set the stage by their actions in the United Nations and by providing nuclear materials for Iran, and set themselves up as a force to be reckoned with in evil’s world.

Never one to be left out of any activities on the playground, they are the consummate plotters and planners of every evil game.

Russia can easily succeed because they are underestimated and as phony as an implanted blond roping in an aging millionaire.

This makes them ten times more dangerous.

President Ronald Reagan said clearly for the world to hear, “Russia is an evil Empire.”

Nothing has changed. He was right then, and he is still correct now.

Appearances are blurred, since they have now aligned themselves with players so far over the line of evil, they pale by comparison.

Make no mistake they are quite in the fray and busily doing the devil’s bidding every moment.

Russia has learned to play dirty exceptionally well.

They are the biggest cat in the world of international cat-and-mouse political operations. The Alfred E. Newman of the United Nations.

“What me worry?” “What me do anything bad?”

Playing each side against one another and appearing to stay in the middle is an art form they have perfected.

Iran of course is pulling all the strings, and it has been all too easy.

Their leaders must sit around drinking and laughing at the idiocy of our administration.

Before the 2008 election, then-Senator Obama said Iran would not get a nuclear weapon if he were president.

Fast forward to President-elect Barack Obama after the election. Iran will not get a nuclear weapon, and they have until January to stop their enrichment program.

Giggle giggle. January, February, years went by and Iran continued to build, collect and enrich, and now it’s done.

Guess they weren’t too afraid of Mother Obama’s punishment threats.

And now it’s way too late for a time out.

As the world watched Iran, coddled Russia and patted them on the back making promises of the United States undying devotion, the most dangerous rat in the maze moved up to the head of the line.

And now all the rats are in formation and awaiting their play.

Head Rat One AKA North Korea.

Long aware that all they needed to do was exhibit bad behavior and the world would reward their negativity with money and food, they honed their craft.

The madman that sits at its head now, is even madder than his father, if that’s even possible in the real world, and now we have completed the circle.

North Korea will be the one to carry out the final stages of the plan.

Russia has thwarted the United States, Iran has blustered and bullied the world completely aware the world does not take the ranting of madmen seriously, no matter how many times the lesson is so harshly taught.

So Iran yells and screams about killing Jews, destroying Israel then the West and blah blah blah, the world laughs. Just as it did when Hitler appeared on movie screens and the audiences laughed at his mustache and crazy ravings.

But who got the last laugh? And who will again?

As always it is evil, because no matter how many times good people placate themselves with the belief good overcomes evil, they neglect to mention how many millions of good must die to accomplish this end.

The bombs will be flying soon, but not from Iran, from their evil little puppet North Korea as they simply stands by and pulls the strings.

Russia will be ready to catch all the goodies they can glean in the killing fields, and Iran will achieve its ends easily.

As usual, the only ones that will be caught off guard are the good people of the world, who as always elect leaders who stand by as bad infects the universal body until it is nearly dead.

The cost to revive it becomes even more dear and deadly each time.

Why should anyone assume this time it will be different?

No warnings, no common sense, no intellect can ever explain why the world is made up of such damn fools, one may only shake their head in wonder as once more, good will suffer for the folly of the stupid.

Who are they fooling? Certainly not us!