Thoughts of War

By Ari Bussel

Pack your bags and leave our beloved land, else we will unleash the greatest, most painful sword. And you will leave. You will run away, disperse back to your countries of origin. You have no space here, in our eternal Palestine. Leave – and do not dare to come back.

Apparently, Israel’s enemies believe it must be punished, and good. Their dialogue is frightening and determined. Their truest thoughts are enough to frighten even the most brave and sane among us. Join me as I visit the mind of an archenemy of Israel, a Palestinian spokesman.

“Today, three Grad missiles resulted in Israel murdering our beloved brother and his men. Ten times as many missiles then followed within hours. The message had to be swift and painful. Israel must be made to understand with whom it is dealing.

“Israelis think they are powerful and smart. Oh, Occupiers, Defilers of Holy Land! All your might is meaningless, like a desert dust cloud. It rises and spreads and may choke or blind us momentarily, but at the end it fades into nothing. So is your destiny, filthy-evil Jews. The sun will bake your bones, after the scavengers devour every piece of poisonous meat that used to cover your bones. Crush those bones to fine dust, until there is no memory, no resemblance, no hint or clue you once existed.

“But before that is accomplished, the trap must be completely set. You are still struggling with your internal debates whether to release our freedom fighters! Just look at the BBC or any European media outlet, and you will witness the heights of our victory. We are the fighters that will free the land of evil, the few against the ‘Mighty’ Zionist War Machine. Finally, the Europeans understand we are not evil, that our fight is just, that the way to topple the Apartheid Regime is by inflicting pain where it hurts most – in the Zionists’ soft belly.

“The shower of Grad missiles will continue and is up to 40 by now. We must vow not to stop. They ambush our fighters, killing them without mercy. These Shaids will be rewarded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. We will not be deterred. We will continue until we defeat the Zionist colonial power.

“Only 40 missiles? The night is young. Wait until the morning hours. And if need be, our brothers in the north will come to our aid. Oh, wait for the sun to rise, as our arrows accompany its first rays. On each we write a message, on each we engrave the name of a Martyr who previously laid his worthy life for our cause.

“Our cause is just and Allah is on our side. Even the God of the Hebrews, who has vowed to protect His people, understood they have sinned and must be punished. Even He is now weak in our sight, witnessing our devotion and sacrifice.

“Nothing will protect you, Oh, Jewish filth and scum. You butcher our people, rape our women and defile our land. But soon it will be cleansed of your presence, your pungent stench will dissipate and your memory erased. Soon we will be victorious!

“We will stop not, our men and women stand ready, our stockpiles high, our spirits jovial. The day of reckoning is near and your time is short. It is time for you to go and we vow to do everything to hasten your end.

“Worry not, ye of little faith. We will prevail, for the Jews are cowards. They are too busy fighting among themselves, too weak to see our strength. Their leaders will topple them into the fires of the abyss. The head of their Supreme Court, their media know-it-alls, their professors at Ben Gurion University—may it quickly be erased from our land—and all others who call themselves ‘Post Zionists:’ servants of our cause. Often calling themselves ‘human rights activists,’ our agents in disguise.

“Those weak, meager diplomats stand in a row. Your Commander in Chief, that Russian Thug Liberman, will teach you Arabic. ‘Arabic,’ he says, and means the way he used to behave in Mother Russia. No wonder they kicked him out, and along with him another million scum of the earth were deported from that beloved country. Oh Glorious Russia, still standing on our side in our final battle.

“All those Zionist Americans who came to our land, stealing it in broad daylight. Time to go back, leave, depart and stay here no longer.

“They call our land ‘theirs,’ build and exploit. They starve our people and use them as slave labor. They rape our women and restrict our movement. They butcher our olive trees, our subsistence and our pride and set our mosques on fire. But this is not enough, they spray words of hatred after they defile. They rejoice in the streets and in their media. But this all shall soon stop.

“They develop poisons and biological agents to target us, then to claim innocence. We must expose their evil intentions before they have a chance to execute them against our noble men and women.

“No more being nice to them, hosting their weak, single, precious soldier, his mother’s baby, like a king. No TV, newspapers, healthy meals. NO MORE. Time to treat the enemy the same way it treats our beloved brethren, the heroes of our nation, as they are constantly tortured, brutally raped and deprived sleep, food or drink in the dungeons they call ‘prisons.’

“We will spare you, the reader all the atrocities committed by those Zionists Mossad agents. They are the worst-of-the-worse. They are evil disguised as humans, may mercy be on the bodies and souls that fall into their claws.

“Get ready for tomorrow as the sun arises, because we have plans in store. Along with the first rays of light, Israel will too be lit, and the fire will not subside for seven years.

“We vow to continue for our fight is just, and world is on our side. We will sustain the fire and rest not until it is truly over.

“We will rid the planet of this vermin Jew, once and for all eternity. No more. We are paying the price, and we will be honored beyond any imagination. Just as the world failed time and again in its mission, we had patience and are determined to continue. As long as there is one more Jew on our beloved land, in our bridal Al Quds – we are the soldiers who protect and are entrusted with the most important mission of all.

“We are so near, just stay and watch as the stench soon dissipates and our land will forever again be free.”