Taking the Legal Route

By Ari Bussel

And the war rages on. Turkey warns Israel from the latter’s response to the next Flotilla, making Turkey an active instigator of events. Hamas, reports the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Israel, “initiates a media campaign against UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon because of his concerns regarding the flotilla. Hamas spokesmen and media accuse him of surrendering to Israeli pressure and call him responsible for the flotilla’s safety.”

Interesting to note, of course, is that Hamas cannot accuse UN Secretary-General of responsibility for misery or starvation in Gaza, because these are non-existent. There was no need previously, as the tunnel industry was estimated in the many billions. There may still be a naval blockade, but Israel has lifted almost completely any barriers to land movement into Gaza from Israel and Egypt has opened the Rafa Crossing.

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