Not a War. Perhaps a Recreational Exercise?

By Norma Zager

“In the Middle Ages, the Wall received another name—the Wailing Wall—as Jews were observed here lamenting the Temple’s destruction. A legend says that on Ninth of Av, the anniversary of the Temple’s destruction, the dew glistening on the stones is the Wall itself shedding tears.” Jewish tradition

Readers, I now present the riddle for today. When is a war not a war? Answer: When it is the United States attacking Libya.

This goes hand in hand with that other great riddle: When is a terrorist attack not a terrorist attack?

Answer: When it is a man-made disaster.

I have decided to write this postcard in lieu of eating another brownie, a hot dog with chips or ogling the apple pie in my freezer with a drooling intensity. Watching the news is my most fattening experience since the all-you-can-eat-buffet at the Bellagio in Las Vegas piled on five pounds.

The fact we are in a non-war with Libya (not a war, perhaps a recreational exercise), yet another excuse for American lives to be spent, could be good for another five-pound binge. It is times like this I wish I smoked. Far less fattening an escape.

So perhaps this stream of consciousness rant will calm my nerves and lower my blood pressure. Yet, why am I a bit dubious?

There is so much to address and so little time. I am the Wailing Wall of journalists at this juncture—and speaking of the Wailing Wall, I am reminded of a strange occurrence during President Obama’s first official visit to Jerusalem. As I watched the coverage, I found it altogether incredible that as he tried to shove his written personal prayer into the crevice of the Wailing Wall, it kept falling out. Was I the only one who understood the irony of that incident?

There are so many stories espousing the magical powers of the wall and telling of mystical experiences in its presence. We Jews should have been prepared for the worst when the Wall refused the President’s prayer.

I would love to have seen what was written on the piece of paper he ultimately managed to shove inside the wall. I also wonder what he is about to next shove down Israel’s throat.

Perhaps the Mossad already read the contents. I imagine it tells the entire story. I don’t have to be a clairvoyant to know what his wishes are for Israel as his actions the last two years have been quite clear.

After hearing about all the people injured in Israel in this week’s terrorist attack at a bus stop in Jerusalem, I was appalled, but of course not surprised, that there was no outcry from the international community.

Human life has suffered a great discount in value in our world to be sure, but Jewish lives are now at bargain basement prices. They are being peddled like dates in the market places of Jerusalem.

“Get chor Jewish life right here, marked down to closeout prices! Just 14 million left so don’t miss out on this great buy. Hey Mister, can I interest you in a baby or perhaps a teenager? Plenty here to choose from so just make me an offer. Got a 13-year-old, a two-month old right here for ya. Two boys and a girl and I’ll throw in the parents. Such a deal! How can you pass this one up?”

Witnessing the first president in U.S. history to actually promote Israel’s destruction has been quite discomfiting. Watching as American Jews systematically plot to destroy the Jewish State, not surprising, but quite depressing.

I have always understood the self-destructive nature of my people, I have just never witnessed it so up close and personal. Guess that explains why Freud was a Jew, (insert your own joke here).

There is an old expression: “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” I don’t know why that flew into my consciousness this morning as I was reading an email about the latest medical discovery in Israel to cure chronic back pain.

Perhaps it is pure irony that as the world attacks and plots to destroy Israel, she spends her time working toward the betterment of mankind.

Guess we are the stupidest people on earth.

After terrorists are shot while committing their heinous crimes, or injured preparing their explosives to carry out one, they are transported to Jewish hospitals where Jewish doctors fight to save their evil lives. I wonder if they claim workman’s comp to pay for their bills.

How dumb are we?

I ask myself that question on a regular basis.

After much examination, I am forced to accept the bitter truth; Jewish people are the chosen people. And although Tevye’s words ring true when he begs God, “could you choose someone else for a change?” the fact remains Jewish people are forced to live out their destiny as an old Jewish Oy Vey joke.

Even one of the most popular Jews of all time, Jesus, as he bled from a cross, looked up and said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Nu? Is it in our genes or what?

Where was his anger? Where was the guilt trip? Where was the “after all I’ve done for you, miracles, healing, giving my life … but never mind, I will just die here alone. You go enjoy your dinner and don’t worry about me. As long as you’re happy and guilt free, that’s all I need.”

Jewish guilt is as infamous and widespread as the plague. Is it only reserved for our children? I imagine so, since it is used nowhere else that will do some good. The morons at the United Nations could sure use a healthy dose. My Mother is an expert in that field. Maybe Israel should call on her for guidance, as she is proficient at throwing guilt from thousands of miles.

Why is it that Jewish people turn their anger inward instead of focusing it on those who would murder and maim their children?

I saw a comment on Facebook after the murder the other day of the Jewish babies in front of their parents (who were butchered next) where a young Jewish girl responded to a friend’s post about the murders by equating them with Israel killing terrorists en route to or from committing hideous crimes.

So I ask myself, why do I care? Why do I even waste my time attempting to educate or allow myself to become angry over this craziness?

Don’t know. Never could come up with a good answer to that one. Maybe I am as pathetic as the rest of my people. Yep, a regular Hebraic, chocolate-addicted Don Quixote, that’s me.

I also wonder how the anti-Israel Administration in Washington will affect the Jewish State. It still has 20 months to do its bidding before the next election.

Even Carter, a serious hater, kept his true feelings in check so he could collect Jewish checks, which he did constantly. But this is something else.

The world is in turmoil. If I believed in the End of Days, I would believe we have reached them. In the Jewish religion the Messianic Era must be ushered in before the year 6000. It is now the year 5771. Getting pretty close there, I’d say. Wars, (unless you are the U.S. State Department and insist they are not), famine, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, piracy on the high seas, killing babies in Darfur, corruption everywhere, hatred rampant and Muslim extremists out to take over the world. Although why they want what’s left of it I can’t fathom.

If I see the Ghostbusters hanging off a building on Central Park South, I’m outta here!

In the end, Jewish people must see things clearly. They must stop cannibalizing their own people and remember 1967 and the miracle of the Six-Day War. That day takes on greater meaning after every terrorist bombing in Jerusalem.

It was the morning of Shavuot, June 15, 1967, six days after the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem, when the Western Wall was officially reopened to the Israeli public once again.

The army went in first to ensure there were no remaining landmines or snipers. For the first time in almost 2,000 years, masses of Jews walked to the Western Wall filling the streets of Judaism’s capital city as a sovereign Jewish nation. That day was a dream realized for the Jewish people to return to Zion, their land and history.

One person described that experience of returning to the Wailing Wall: “From the late hours of the night, thousands of Jerusalem residents streamed toward the Zion gate, eagerly awaiting entry into the Old City. At 4 a.m., the accumulating crowds were finally allowed to enter the area of the Western Wall. As the sun continued to rise, there was a steady flow of thousands who made their way to the Old City.”

How any modern Jew today can be so cavalier in the face of Israel’s potential destruction is a mystery to me.

In the face of constant bombings and terrorism it is time to shed the cloak of the Jewish liberal-victim-mentality and choose. All Jews must stand with Israel, or we destroy not only ourselves, but also future generations.

The decision is ours to make. Now, if you will excuse me, there is a walnut brownie with my name on it screaming at me from my kitchen.