Hiss Off

By Norma Zager

“The world of men is dreaming, it has gone mad in its sleep, and a snake is strangling it, but it can’t wake up.” D.H. Lawrence

This must be a time for a new snake infestation. The slithery creatures seem to dominate the news lately.

Aside from the usual cadre of snakes slithering about in Congress we are forced to deal with on a daily basis, we have the Libyan variety, and of course the infamous Bronx Zoo cobra gaining great notoriety and a Twitter account for its ability to avoid his captors. He may even replace Biden on the Democratic ticket. A smart move for Obama, I’d say.

But, why are snakes suddenly crawling about the earth in so high a profile and noticeable a fashion? Haven’t they been a part of the landscape since the time of Adam and Eve?

Every ancient society from Sumaria onward contains stories in their writings about a Garden of Eden. This includes a snake, usually referred to as a serpent, bringing down Paradise through its cunning.

Could it be man himself who was the slithering creature? Might that snake have been of the two-legged variety? So many snakes, so little time.

Could all these snakes hissing about lately be an omen that we are about to leave Eden and forfeit Paradise once more?

If this is Paradise, I don’t blame Adam and Eve for leaving.

All this talk of snakes immediately brings to mind the United Nations.

No serpent cage at the zoo could contain more slithering Satans.

Suffering the largest case of buyer’s remorse in history, the U.N. has been steadily attempting to return the Israeli charter from whence it came, and nullify a sale they consider a notoriously bad deal.

Since 1948 the United Nations has increasingly waged a war against the Jewish State hoping to negate its right to exist. Facts and legalities be damned and full speed ahead.

And recently the United States has funded and allowed this plan to foster unhindered. Americans donate two billion annually to keep this snake house fed and viable.

Once, the U.S. stood strongly beside Israel and treated it as a worthy ally.

My, my, how that political worm has turned to the dark side.

So, who will speak for Israel? Who can disseminate what is real, what is right?

Who can counter the constant misinformation and lies flooding the world media against Israel daily?

Many have said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be a great spokesperson for Israel. Why should being the country’s leader preclude him from doing exactly that? He is the leader of the nation and he should and must speak for Israel.

Acting as spokesperson for the most maligned and demonized nation in the world should be as important a task as any other challenge Netanyahu faces daily. He is also Commander-in-Chief of the armies of public relations is he not?

Today, Netanyahu spoke to the absurdity of the Goldstone Report.

Now retracted as patently incorrect in its accusations against the Jewish State, it was foisted on the world by an anti-Semitic U.N. Human Rights commission … a ridiculous and impotent commission that included the ever-compassionate Muammar (“kill them in the streets”) Gaddafi.

Despite the injustice, no action will be taken to rectify the wrong.

Israel will remain accused and accursed by a body of snakes determined to hiss the Jewish State out of existence.

So, how can Israel prevent these purveyors of evil from destroying it through whatever means possible? Simply put, it can’t. It can only use its greatest weapon against them; Netanyahu himself.

He is the most incredibly underrated public relations weapon in Israel’s marketing arsenal.

When Netanyahu speaks, he presents an enviable and articulate presence.

His good looks and American accent make him agreeable to even those not particularly favorable toward Jews. And yet, I rarely see or hear him.

I do however see Israel’s enemies constantly on the attack.

Barack Obama is on television as often as a Geico commercial, and although I prefer the lizard for entertainment value, the President refuses to give up the public podium he now possesses.

President Obama is always mute on Israel, unless it is to criticize and of course, most Jewish people with an IQ of over eight are now fully aware that with friends like Obama, Israel needs no enemies.

Even Hillary, who once enjoyed a huge Jewish following, has shown great disposition toward Israel’s foes.

Yet, although Netanyahu possesses a bully pulpit he refuses to embrace media’s power.

In the other extreme, Ahmadinejad never shuts his stupid mouth. He spews more toxic waste than the nuclear meltdown in Japan, and the press covers his words ad nauseam.

So one might ask, “Where’s Bibi Netanyahu?”

Apparently, busy battling the warring factions in the Israeli Knesset.

Anyone who has “hung” with Jews understands the concept that a roomful of Jewish opinions is more combative and potentially explosive than a one-day designer sale at Loehmann’s. Murder and mayhem are always viable options at such gatherings, and it is no less so in the Israeli Parliament.

While the Jews fight amongst themselves, the world attacks.

News to the Jews! Hello, the world is winning!

Why do my people always have to be their own worst enemy?

Israel has a handsome, articulate leader, and Netanyahu’s presence commands attention and respect. He is a formidable figure on the world stage and yet, while the Three Stooges parade around inciting guffaws from their fellow idiots, Bibi hides behind the curtain.

Quiet and noticeably absent, Israel presents no defense, no public relations front, no authority or tangible conviction in its divine and legal right to exist.

Is Israel expecting Moses to rise from the grave, throw down his staff and devour Pharaoh’s snake once again?

Israel plays a losing defensive game while its enemies engage in powerful offensive strategies. So effective in fact, they are certain to drive Israel from the field, lost and beaten.

How is it possible the people who gave world the Twelve Apostles, the greatest PR men in the world, are failing so pitifully to defend what is right?

Failing to belittle and undermine an enemy that is so evil and blatantly the antithesis of all sanity.

Iran and its minions will continue to slither around the United Nations until September when a vote will be taken to nullify Israel and its right to exist as a nation.

Bibi must do more touring than Willie Nelson, and speak until his voice is gone. Then, he must learn sign language and keep on going.

He is the Jewish weapon against deception; he is our face before the world, the right man at the right time.

When will someone notify him of these obvious facts?

As Indiana Jones said when thrown into the pit of snakes, “Why does it always have to be snakes? I hate snakes.” Most of us could relate. But in the end Indy fired up some torches, took on the snakes and beat those suckers.

Could someone please light a fire under Bibi’s behind and hand him a torch.

Israel is in a pit of snakes and there is only one person who can take them on and win.

To Israel’s enemies I have only one thing to say—HISS OFF!