His Remarkable Agenda of Evil

By Norma Zager

“Neutral men are the devil’s allies.” Edwin Hubbel Chapin

The Lord may move in mysterious ways, but the devil is as transparent as a freshly windexed glass.

Smart guy this Satan. Astute at using every tool in his vast arsenal of evil to accomplish his ends.

Although, I imagine it is far easier when man aids him in his evil pursuits. There is no shortage of those who would support the devil’s work and have signed on for a job with the big boss of the underworld.

Much can be learned from his methods. Perhaps Congress, since I am convinced they are a body filled with his minions, must already seek his advice and counsel more patently.

My readers may be surprised I failed to allude to the United Nations, as is my usual manner when speaking of Satan. It is simply that I now assume the world knows that evil is headquartered within its walls, thus no comparisons need be further drawn.

I use as an example of evil’s efficiency, turning one against one’s own conscience and confusing the issue, until the body becomes a schizophrenic mess. Hell bent on self-destruction.

And yes, I am speaking of the self-hating Jew. You saw that one coming a mile away didn’t you?

I have no way of understanding or noting when the devil first patented this creative technique. I assume it was eons ago when the first liberal Jew began to criticize his own. Probably for as long as Jews have existed, I imagine.

Since we are in the midst of the Passover holiday I will fall back on one of my favorites, the Jewish exodus from Egypt.

Despite Moses’ continual display of over-the-top miracles, there were still those who doubted his veracity. Case in point the Golden Calf.

There they were, a bunch of Jewish people who had prayed for a “deliverer.” Finally, they were about to escape a life of bondage on their way to the Promised Land.

Then, there it was. Boom, like a clap of thunder, the voice of doubt, of reason, whining at the highest levels.

“So where is Moses? Did he get lost up there on that mountain? Who does he think he is, Lording it over us with his miracles and high falutin’ ‘I can talk to God?’ Let’s make a golden calf and it will lead us back into the hands of our oppressors. Anyone got any earrings they hate? Maybe a gaudy bracelet from an ex-husband?”

One must laugh at their stupidity, if it weren’t so tragic of course. Like Pharaoh wouldn’t have welcomed them back without gifts to continue doing his dirty work for free. How stupid are these people anyway?

Was this the time in Jewish history when we got a reputation for being “smart?” Help me, please, because I’m kind of confused here.

So we move on through that always-happy time known as Jewish history to the Inquisition. Not having been there I am not certain how many Jewish people might have seen fit to do a Benedict Arnold on fellow Jews, but of course many Jews left the fold and succumbed. I bet there were some serious family arguments going on there.

Moving on, we can always site the Holocaust with numerous Capos eager and willing to turn in fellow Jews and join the Nazis in their gay romp of torture and murder.

We return to the present where we now have the Left wing elements of our own religion, happy to turn over, what they consider an evil Jewish State to its enemies. You want Jerusalem wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, Mrs. Goldstein? Tel Aviv in paper or plastic, Mr. Greenbush?

These self-haters join the chorus of destroyers, who as always are focused on the destruction of the Jewish people. Why not? We are so easy after all.

Pretty shrewd guy old Satan, using the Jews to obliterate Jews. It worked so well in the past, why not just keep the motors of self-hatred running and drive Israel right off a cliff?

Of course the devil has expanded his franchise into other areas. Americans who hate America, Hispanics who hate Hispanics, and that all-time-favorite on Hell’s hit charts, Blacks hating Blacks. Number two with a bullet and climbing fast toward number one.

What a franchise, what a discovery, oh what a clever fellow he is.

And now we are about to see the fruits of his labors. In September the world will open Hades’ (aka the United Nations) doors to a new order. A new state of Palestine, another perfectly executed end run designed to wipe the Jews from the earth will be delivered there, like Rosemary’s Baby on steroids.

The left will celebrate the demise of their own, they will dance in the streets side by side with those who would annihilate them and sing happy songs of victory with their enemy.

The set up will be complete. Whatever Israel does will be judged as aggression, as an attempt to persecute and harm poor, innocent Palestinians. The word “smart” can’t even begin to cover the brilliance of the plan.

Satan is busier now than ever before. He has an entire world in chaos, Europe falling, anti Semitism at never before scaled heights of hatred and madness and the Middle East feeding on its own insanity. Let us never forget the children murdered daily in Darfur and throughout the world. Damn, he’s good.

He has the United States in a state of craziness, Donald Trump running for President (gotta love that one) and Jersey Shore set to spin off characters into more new series to pollute the airwaves and minds of our young people.

How are there ever enough hours in a day for the devil to get it all done? You have to admire his tenacity and time management skills.

I simply exist with a sadness reserved for those shocked, mouth-agape moments when watching a mountain fall into a house, or a huge 18-wheeler truck hanging off a bridge or two planes colliding in midair.

You know that no good can come at the end, but you are transfixed, unable to avert your eyes from the certain train wreck before you.

Because there is a delicate balance to man’s existence, one would tend to believe we now teeter on the brink of repercussions from a serious overload of hated and evil.

That cannot be the case or the deed would have been done. Human life would cease and all would be still.

Goodness is alive and well. We are screaming the silent screams of a nightmare, unheard and filled with frustration and fear.

But as clever as Satan may be, he cannot accomplish his ultimate goal as long as the balance remains in tact.

Apparently, there are still enough of us to stop him.

We cannot be heard nor seen, we merely exist, waiting to see it all play out, like Shakespeare through a glass darkly.

I do wonder however, what would happen if our collective voices suddenly returned, and we broke out of this dream state to call out loud, Stop! We Will Endure No More of this Evil!

Can he be stopped? Will that be enough, or does more innocent blood need to be spilled?

Alas, if so, then he will once again win in the end. I suppose it is what he counts on, and what keeps him as busy and productive and he remains.

Satan, thy name is tenacity, and your multitudes of minions fill the world, and the television screens on C-SPAN.