Good or Evil? Who Cares? We have Spin!

By Norma Zager

Weather report for an Arab Spring: cloudy and overcast with a shower of rockets into Israel…

As a child, the most exciting words were “We have liftoff!”

I knew another wanna-be Flash Gordon was on its way into outer space and would be fighting Ming the Merciless far beyond the ozone. Of course, that was before we knew ozone even existed.

Life was so easy, then. There were heroes and villains, bad guys and good, white hats and black ones.

No need to think about the obvious. It was after all, all obvious.

So, when did it all change, and how?

Now we have no good or evil. We have spin-doctors aka the devil’s PR team. They make Goebbels look so darn ineffective.

Was it when “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit,” became the watchword of the day? The trouble with that guideline, as we all came to know, was that a glove’s fit could be altered.

Good and evil cannot.

And yet it seems it is possible.

All you need today is spin, and evil becomes good.

Murder becomes defensible, cheating on your cancer-ridden wife becomes a minor offense, throwing a bought-and-paid-for dictator out of power and ensconcing Islamic extremists into government becomes an Arab Spring.

Kill an American Ambassador and sweep it under the rug.

Spin, Spin, Spin.

Evil no longer hires henchmen to kill…it hires good PR experts. We don’t need no stinking weapons when we have PR consultants.

Kill an innocent American border guard because you screwed up a stupid weapon’s plan, spin it with political accusations.

Spin, Spin, Spin.

The Byrd’s had a hit song in the sixties called Turn Turn Turn. It was from the Book of Ecclesiastics. To everything there is a season…

Turn Turn Turn has become Spin, Spin, Spin.

The United Nations, the capital of spin and corruption on Planet Earth has convinced the world Israel is evil, an apartheid state and occupiers of a land that belongs to others.

Israel can’t afford to allow any more African-Muslims in to collect a free ride, so Israel is evil.

But of course, aren’t they always?

Israel is Apartheid. Yet, how can this be possible when Arab judges sit on benches and serve in the Israeli Knesset? This is the opposite of apartheid, but no matter; Spin, Spin, Spin.

Election year in America is a cache of wealth for the spin-doctors. They all get rich this year. They sit in their penthouse offices, examine evil and wrongdoing and, Spin, Spin, Spin.

So, what does this say about human beings and our ability to discern good from evil or to recognize the Prince of Darkness when he is holding the party in our honor? When we have become so dizzy from spin we are completely confused and turned around?

It says “Molly, You in Danger, Girl.” Sorry I can’t do Whoopi Goldberg’s voice on paper.

When did Russia become a “friend?”

Are you kidding me? Seriously?

A country that murders journalists, builds nuclear facilities in Iran and helps a vicious a dictator kill his own people?

Wow, we are not very choosey about who we call friends any more.

John F. Kennedy was ready to go to war to stop Russia from moving 90 miles away. That was the ultimate NIMBY moment. Not in my neighborhood Buddy, and I have an arsenal of warships and bombs to back me up, so don’t try it.

Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Berlin Wall and told Gorbachev what to do with his wall. And he did.

Now we have a president reaching over and patting evil on the shoulder like they’re great buddies while Putin, a murderer and ex-KGB agent, sneers in his direction. You would have to be blind not to read that expression.

I imagine this has been bugging me for a long time, but now that the Muslim Brotherhood has a firm foothold in what’s left of a once semi-peaceful Middle East, I can shut my big mouth no longer.

When did exchanging bad for worse become an American ideal?

I find myself missing Saddam Hussein.

At least no one argued he was a jerk. We all agreed on that. Yet, we all knew what he wanted—money. And he could be bought. Same with Gaddafi.

Greed is easy to deal with. Crazy; not so much.

This has nothing to do with party politics.

I was and still am adamantly against the war in Iraq. A ridiculous exercise that accomplished nothing but dead Americans and Iraqis, zillions of American dollars lost and made it easier for Iran to walk in and take over.

I blame Americans for our total lack of judgment.

We have become so dizzy from all the spin bought and paid for by anyone with an agenda, we can’t think clearly any longer.

This is very bad if you want a strong, sane and powerful nation to leave your children.

After all, our fathers fought Hitler, our mothers went without nylon stockings and butter and worked in factories. America saved Europe’s ass, and we may have to again, so their children could have a strong and proud future.

What will we leave?

Spin, Spin, Spin.

We can’t even discern truth from lies, fact from fiction or simple from simpleton any more.

There is only one truth that has become increasingly evident to me: The Great Deceiver is indeed the most accomplished deceiver in all history and has a foothold on this planet so large, not even a Nike store could find shoes in his size.

In case you have forgotten Moses’ little contribution to humanity, it’s really simple.

Killing is bad, no spin there.

The other nine have literally spun out of control, but we can fix that later.

Murderous groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, who by the way assassinated Anwar Sadat when he went to make peace with Israel; BAD. They have, however an amazing team of spin doctors on their staff.

Huge debt; BAD.

Even Shakespeare said neither a borrower nor a lender be… especially from a loan shark like China.

Who the heck owns our debt here? St. Francis of Assisi?

I don’t think so. China is definitely a Don Corleone clone.

Treating enemies like friends and friends like enemies; BAD.

Exposing dangerous covert activities of friends: BAD.

Giving the Mossad a heart attack; never a good idea.

Cheating on cancer-ridden wives; BIG NO NO there.

Wrong is wrong; there is no spin. It is not a moral judgment. It is just morality.

Evil is evil, stop letting the spin-doctors control your mind. We are like a world filled with zombies with a spinning disc in front of our eyes at all times.

Spin spin, No, not bad, good.

Yes, master, not bad; good. Yes, Master.

Watch the spinning coin now: Islamic extremists disguised as moderate…good.

Yes, good, Master.

Wasn’t there a fairy tale about a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Perhaps if I clap my hands we will all awaken from this hypnotic spin state and begin to recognize evil for what it is.

I think we are dizzy enough so here goes.

Clap, Clap, Clap!


Five dollars a gallon???? Are you kidding me?