Feasting on Israel

By Ari Bussel

When will we be able to dance on the ruins of the Jewish State? It has been too long in the planning, time to reap the benefits of our hard work! With Tunisia, Egypt and Libya now part of the Iranian Axis, shall anyone wager a bet, who will be next to fall into extremist Islamic hands: Israel or Syria? Or perhaps a tie, with both falling simultaneously?

“Democracy,” chanted the multitudes in a frenzied cry. “Freedom” whispered so many with hope glistening in their eyes. “Change” pronounced the American President as he pushed more elements off the Chess Board.

The eight Israelis murdered during a meticulously executed operation in Israel not far from Egypt are the latest sacrifice on the altar of disillusionment. Two sisters and their husbands, the four en route to a summer vacation in Eilat, were among the victims.

Egypt recalled its ambassador and demanded an apology that Israel’s Defense Minister quickly issued and the President reiterated. As part of Israel’s having to make amends, it had to enter into a ceasefire with Hamas brokered by Egypt. Even when Israel is attacked, it is Israel’s fault.

Is anyone taking Israel seriously any more? I for one stopped being surprised by the enemy’s constant dominance, and Israel’s consistent capitulation. Israel bleeds and my heart cries in despair, yet nothing is new under the sun.

The Jewish State marches obediently like a lamb to the slaughter, while big black birds caw loudly en route. Vultures circle above waiting for death to arrive and enjoy a celebration feast. From their vantage point, the prey is fat and round, healthy and oblivious, ready to be punctured, its flesh to be torn apart; what a sumptuous meal, so well worth the wait.

Israel has no other choice than to restore its deterrence, and the only way to establish this position is by destroying Hamas and Hezbollah – from the infrastructures in Gaza and Lebanon to their terrorist leaderships. Lacking this strategy, Israel will lose the war of attrition. The situation will continue deteriorating to the point where the circling vultures can lazily land and begin butchering the body while still alive.

Israel’s might is no deterrence, since nuclear weapons can only be the end game as their use would ensure the greater region would be uninhabitable for generations. Enemy efforts, such as breaking the naval blockade, a fly-in into Israel to wage protests, crossing Israel’s borders by foot, launching rockets and missiles at Israeli cities and towns or attacking armed bases within Israel, all results in—nothing. Nothing from the Israeli side, complete silence. In no time, life returns to normal.

A flotilla breaks the blockade, nine so-called innocent peace activists are killed on the lead vessel while they execute a pre-planned lynch, and Israel is required to apologize and is expected to pay up.

No matter what Israel does, she is at fault and her behavior serves as admission of guilt, as if she is almost in agreement with all verdicts against her. Thus, those voices from within and around are amplified by Israel’s very own actions (or lack thereof).

More is on the horizon. The Goldstone Report is still very much alive, and a course of action, previously tried, works very well: Israeli politicians and soldiers (in effect much of Israel’s population) can face charges upon landing at a foreign territory. The Goldstone Report will serve as the factual basis in lawsuits against the who’s who in Israel politics, past and present, as well as IDF officers and soldiers for war crimes committed.

Puncture and peck at the body lying and broken, tease it just a bit so it changes position. Is it really as plump and promising as it seems? What a sumptuous event awaits us, and there is not much left to prepare. The blood is still pumping, crimson red and warm to the touch. What is it we hear, a sigh of despair?

American Jews and Israelis seem to be the perfect host for this feast of vultures. They seemingly care so much, readily driven to see the body Israel served up on the altar of appeasement. Malign Israel, call for its destruction. Deceive and attack, all compliments of “Jews” or “Israelis.” They are hastening the demise, oblivious their fate as well is tied to Israel. The vultures will devour them in a heartbeat, although they may be only the dessert after a delicious meal of Israel or a plain side dish alongside the main course.

Like Kobe meat, Israel entices the attention of all birds of prey. A cow is massaged and pampered, to be deserving of the designation “Kobe meat.” Israel has been groomed and prepared, decorated in a most appetizing manner, with the utmost attention to the minutest details.

Oh, the amount of work invested, the hours, a complete meal sumptuously prepared. So much effort. A whole new fictitious picture created to bring us to this day: Israel has no connection to the Land of Israel. The Temple Mount is a myth. Jerusalem is holy, but not to the Jews. A right to be there? Only for the Palestinians. All these high rises and wonderful (currently Apartheid but soon liberated) roads belong to the Arabs. Rich bank accounts, not meager by any international standard, stolen from the rightful owners.

The list goes on and on, the stories more inventive with each passing minute. Imagine the image! Like a mirage, driving the birds of prey salivating above literally crazy. Circling in lower and in ever closing circles, their frenzy is palpable: Finally-FINALLY! We have waited for this moment so very long.

Our last chance was over seventy years ago. When the smell of meat burning in the ovens was so sweet, filling the air until it was impossible to almost breathe. Stench, you say? No, it was a mesmerizing sensation. The sight of all those graves dug by the Jews and filled with their bodies. What a feast it was then, a Devil’s Inferno, and now, in broad daylight, we may finally continue.

Alas! Another sumptuous meal awaits our serving; the remaining millions. A mix so splendid one has not seen for decades of so many languages, attitudes, colors of the skin so diverse, so rotten. Their absolute nerve to contaminate Earth for so long, and refuse to walk to the slaughter, to be available to be served on the Altar of the Devil. Filth. Despotism denied. Jews who thought they could rule the world and its bloodlines of information and finances.

Like chickens fed with hormones later served at fast food outlets, Israel’s economy is thriving, tourists in greater numbers than ever come to inspect the land and the world is holding its breath. First, in September, the Devil’s Messenger will claim a country of its own, and then the wait will be almost over.

You, the young ones, I do not remember to whom you belong, there are so many of us circling up here. Move over, fret not, there will be enough for all to devour. This time around, we are not leaving until the meal is finished, over and complete.

Listen to your elders, the mistake of 1945 will not happen again. There are 14 million left. They seem to be spread around, but we have already sent their executioners with detailed instructions: Let no tree hide a Jew. Allow no stone to sit quietly while a Jew is cowering behind. Time to finish the job. We have trained our minions well.

Let the Feast of the Vultures begin!