Darwin was a Liar

By Norma Zager

The immense controversy between the religious and scientific communities about who came first, the chicken or GOD, literally is no more than a tempest in a teapot and quite misses the point altogether.

The big problem with any side of the argument is that Darwin lied.

Perhaps not about evolution, I am no expert, but I know he lied about in which direction it evolves.

Mankind has been living under the assumption that creatures move toward a higher life form. We started off one cell and now are a convoluted and inexplicable array of mass channels of intricate wiring and synapses to rival even the most sophisticated computers.

Reality Check, Please.

I don’t know if I am the only one who noticed, but mankind is actually devolving.


Oh sure the toys are more sophisticated and awesome, but that’s an iPad of a different color.

Homo Sapiens actually seem to be moving backward in time at warp speed and regressing with every minute that passes.

And then there is Apple.

Anyone who possesses an Apple product has undoubtedly had occasion to speak with Apple support. By pushing buttons they can access your computer, your phone, your life from anywhere in the world.

If you think this doesn’t impress me, you would be quite wrong. It blows me away. I am in awe of technology. After all, I thought it was cool when I couldn’t see Howdy Doody’s strings.

Steve Jobs’ genius aside, I find it hard to reconcile that the same minds that create Words with Friends app or the Hedron Collider is running amok and trying to reverse time.

And yet, they are.

Our brains are amazing and the human intellect is so capable of achieving the most incredible feats, yet we are tied down to our own primitive aggressive instincts.


Shouldn’t we have passed this phase in our development?

The time bomb also known as the Middle East seems to spark each day with new frightening gestures to ensure the demise of man.

Case in Point: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan describing Zionism as “A Crime Against Humanity.”

What was he thinking? Are the Turkish people so starved for attention they need to dip the pigtails of the entire world in the ink well?

Saying the behavior of Turkey’s leader is childish would insult children everywhere.

But it worked, and John Kerry castigated him. Well sort of, almost. Okay, so sort of, maybe, a little.

Perhaps Erdogan acts like a trained monkey? But no, on second thought trained monkeys have far more intelligence than this specimen.

To make such aggravated statements is just plain dumb and leads to more violence and bloodshed. His goal? Obviously.

Progress? I think not.

I am not the first to question the movement of man. Lest we forget the Dark Ages and then the brief flush of optimism now referred to as the Renaissance? And we are supposed to believe that event set man on the right track and moving forward once again?

Can you say World War Two?


I stare in wonder as man rushes backward like a program on my DVR whose scenes I missed while catching a phone call.

What are we doing here?

Can we not go a day as a human race without hatred, stupidity and the moronic and appalling behavior of our leaders?


Are you kidding me?

No wonder! If we choose to be led by men devoid of intelligence, morality and ethics, should we with any reasonable intelligence expect to move anywhere but to the abyss of evil and back into the caves?

Welcome to the cave, Ladies and Gentlemen, known as the United Nations. These morons cannot even park a car properly in New York.

And we are looking to them to lead the world?

Shame on us.

Not them

But us.

We empower the stupid, the evil and the unconscionable, and we are surprised when the results are disastrous.

We donate twenty dollars to help starving children knowing full well the corrupt leaders in their countries will steal the money to pad their own illegal bank balances and laugh in our faces.

We send money to Haiti knowing Papa Doc has already stolen almost one billion dollars from his poor people and then returned after the earthquake for the rest of the newly raised cash.

How dumb are we?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

And we wonder why we are so close to saying hello to Satan?

Our intentions are not nearly sufficient to make up for the fact we allow evil to prosper and pollute the earth.

We turn away as all the truths we know are ignored and lies are easily ensconced in their place.

We hear leaders spew hatred and war monger and expect someone else to rectify the situation.

From my perch on the cliff, I do not see a good result.

We are so deluded, we even have named our modern hiding places man caves. The irony. I can’t even laugh at how pathetic our reality has become.

Civilization is anything but civil.

Entire religions wish to return us to the Sixth Century. Proof? In too many quarters of the world women are treated as chattel once again and beaten, stoned and abused.

Female babies are forbidden to be born to life.

World leaders are allowed to mass murder populations.

Children are starved, beaten and raped in Africa while the United Nations decides that the United States should return Mt. Rushmore to the Indians.

Holy Moly, what is everyone smoking?

Every day 25,000 children die and people are possessed with what obnoxious thing the Kardashians may do next.

Universities look the other way as children’s lives are being ruined to protect their precious sports program.

Murderers walk into theatres and schools and shoot them up like a Dodge City saloon.

The media covers up politicians’ bad behavior, and when corrupt leaders lie; the press swear to it.

Mankind works to create cures for diseases to keep people alive longer, so the weapons of mass destruction can be used to murder them.

I have a problem following this logic. But forgive me I am only one generation out of the caves.

Or still in them! I am no longer certain of my home status.

Man is still an animal.

As for that missing link, well he left the building with Elvis.

Any further proof just listen to Erdogan describing Zionism “A Crime Against Humanity.”


What humanity?

Perhaps Erdogan might want to check his own family tree before accusing anyone of any wrongdoing?

My love of a good rant aside, I have to go club myself some dinner before the guy in cave number nine kills all the choice cuts.

Oh for heaven’s sake, cover yourself up before you go outside your cave will you?