For the past decade, Ari Bussel’s weekly columns appeared in print in Israel Jewish Life, Shalom LA and Muslim World Today. His articles also appear on numerous websites, including Canada Free Press, Free Republic, NewsBlaze, SlantRight and OpEdNews. He is a member of the Los Angeles Press Club and the foreign press corps in Israel.

Bussel divides his time between Israel and the United States, writing about the social, political, and foreign policy fabrics of the two countries. Since 2008, Mr. Bussel has cooperated with award-winning investigative journalist and author in a series of essays “Postcards from America – Postcards from Israel.”

Bussel is involved in a variety of philanthropic and civic activities. He is among the founding members and served on the boards of Gen. Shimon Erem’s Israel Christian Nexus, the Western Region of Friends of Israel Firefighters and the Israel Institute for Alternative Energy Advancement. Bussel has completed the Team Beverly Hills Leadership Program, the Salvin Leadership Program of the Anti Defamation League, the Community Emergency Response Training Program of the City of Beverly Hills, as well as the Crisis Response Team of the Maple Counseling Center. He has served on the Environmental Sustainability Topic Committee of the City of Beverly Hills and was a member of the Steering Committees of former Beverly Hills Mayor MeraLee Goldman and the current Beverly Hills City Treasurer, the Hon. Eliot Finkel.

Bussel received a Master of Science in Operations Research from Stanford University and Bachelor’s degrees from UCLA in Applied Mathematics and in Economics with a specialization in Computing. He is an avid runner who completed the 2005 and 2006 Los Angeles Marathon.


Award-winning journalist and author Norma Zager returned to journalism after a 14-year stint as a stand up comic, playing Vegas regularly and opening for the biggest names in laughter. She created Norma’s 14 Karat Cookies to support herself and her children after moving to Los Angeles and was the first comedian to have her own comedy/cooking show in Las Vegas. Her numerous television and radio including recurring appearances on “Celebrity Justice” and “Smart Solutions” made her a favorite with audiences. Norma was also a regular on HGTV, ABC, Discovery Channel, HBO, Lifetime and Showtime.

In 1999, Zager returned to her journalistic roots and accepted a position as a reporter at the Beverly Hills Courier newspaper. After nationally scooping all other media and breaking the story about Laura Schlessinger’s mother’s death and her in depth coverage of other important stories, she was promoted to editor.

When Erin Brockovich sued the city of Beverly Hills alleging an oil well on high school grounds was the cause of numerous cancers in former students, Zager’s coverage garnered national attention. In 2003 she was awarded the Los Angeles Journalist of the Year and Best Investigative Reporter by the Los Angeles Press Club. “The Wall Street Journal” and “The Columbia Journalism Review” applauded Zager’s coverage in feature articles. Her book, “Erin Brockovich and the Beverly Hills Greenscam,” was released by Pelican Publishing in October. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of ignoring environmental issues within one’s community and offers tips and information about how to avoid health issues. In it she describes the dangers inherent in allowing trial lawyers to police the environment and taking personal accountability for the health and safety of one’s own family and community.

With her writing partner Ari Bussel, Zager writes a political column entitled, “Postcards from Israel/Postcards from America” for numerous conservative websites, including the Free Republic, Canada Free Press, Pajama’s Media, The Jerusalem Post New Media Journal, and They also have a radio show, “Eye to Eye,” Conversations with Norma and Ari, on the Crawford Broadcasting family of stations.

Zager, who graduated with a BA in journalism from Wayne State University, resides in Los Angeles with her children and grandchildren and works freelance as a reporter, blogger, cooking show host and author.