Arab Spring: Coming to Free Jerusalem

By Ari Bussel

Tahrir Square, Egypt. The message this week: Coming to free Jerusalem from the Jews.

Finally, not only a free and independent Palestine is awaiting us in September, but also millions are promising to walk onto the tiny Jewish state, from Egypt in the South, Syria in the North East to possibly Lebanon in the North. For the moment, Jordan’s majority of Palestinians is quiet, but that can change without notice.

Imagine the Third Intifada: Millions, a virtual sea of people, simply walking toward Israel’s borders.

There was a practice run recently in Syria where authorities bused temps, paying each handsomely and promising an enormous bonus for the family of anyone killed by the brutal Israeli authorities. The experiment was quite successful, showing Israel unprepared and unable at first to defend her borders.

In the world’s eye, Israel is just waiting for the real-wannabe owners to return. They, who never saw the land, had any title or have any vision what to do with it once they succeed in throwing the Jews to the Sea, developed grandiose delusions of land and homes and ancient trees and properties all belonging to them.

As part of the return, the Jews, incidentally, will have to be punished. The women raped, the men beheaded. The Palestinian children, brainwashed with so much hatred, will finally be free to roam the streets and play with the heads of the Jews. What a scene will that be!

I recall a scene in a movie and an experiment shown on Israeli TV. Like the Jordanians, those who live under Palestinian Authority rule in Judea and Samaria have a land border. Thus, for them, to see, feel and experience the Mediterranean, they need to go to Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, or any of the countries bordering the Mediterranean. This is the normal way a person behaves: during the summer vacation one becomes a tourist. Many Europeans come to the sun and (Red) sea of Eilat or Aqaba. Many Israelis go to Cyprus, Greece or Morocco. Many Americans go to the French Riviera or the amazing beaches of Spain or Portugal.

Alas, the Palestinians are very special. Israel “prevents” them access to the sea. In their minds it is a type of collective punishment. Those who chose to have their own state, control of their own affairs and continued incitement against the Jews also want free access to the Jewish State. They claim rights to the beachfront of Tel Aviv, its hotels-restaurants-pubs-and-cafes row. They want it too. In fact, they claim to be the “rightful owners.”

So a group of Israelis, leftist “peace activists” (or were they human rights activists?) helped Palestinians with makeup and clothes to become Western-looking. Imagine the relief for the women, no more subjugation, no more covering from head to toe like in Afghanistan. For a brief moment, they felt “free.”

Then, the Israeli well-intentioned activists drove into Palestinian territory, which they knew to be illegal (for one simple reason—if anything happens to them, Israel is still responsible to rescue them or to bring back their remains for Jewish burial), and smuggled the Palestinians into Israel.

This too is highly illegal, but peace activists care not. For years they smuggled homicide terrorists into Israel to help them “express themselves” in horrific acts of “peaceful resistance” against the horrible Zionist Occupiers.

Everything was filmed for Israeli TV and the journey was exciting. It had all the elements of a good story: doing something illegal in broad daylight, not being caught, making someone’s twisted, convoluted dream a reality, reinforcing the notion that Israel exists in sin and that Tel Aviv belongs to the Arabs and dressing it all up as a feel-good, kind, neighborly assistance project.

You should have seen the joy of the children and the women. Why not, they got a day in enemy territory, knowing that the journey would help in the propaganda war against the Zionist Occupiers. Kids jumped up and down in the water and the women felt relieved, for a very short while from the continued, life-long sentence of Islamic subjugation.

I sat at an Arab film festival organized by a Jewish professor (or just peace-loving activist) at the University of Southern California, viewing the same scene—Palestinians reaching the sea. Each of us has a secret craving, a childhood wish never fulfilled. For some it is a visit to an amusement park or the zoo. For others a candy store, yet for many a visit to the sea or a lake. It is their wish come true.

The movie made during this illegal excursion captured the imagination of many and portrayed the trespassers as living the fulfillment of all their dreams. Implying wishes and hopes that some evil Israel brutally prevents. I too want to go to a bank and come out with suitcases filled with millions of dollars. Except, if I do so at gunpoint (since I do not have millions in my account), I will be arrested. For the Palestinians, it is a different story.

Likewise, I really would like to have three condominiums in New York. I know exactly where, and in which buildings. Except, I could not even get past the concierge downstairs. Why cultivate the notion that these buildings really belong to me and I deserve to do as I wish? Donald Trump may be entitled to do so, he is the legal owner after all, but the rest of us are not. In the Middle East, the cradle of a thousand and one Arabian nights, everything is possible, even walking into Israel and claiming Al Quds (Jerusalem).

In Tahrir Square today tens of thousands called for the establishment of religious rule in Egypt and to free Palestine from the hands of the Jews. Soon what started at the beginning of 2011 as an Arab Youth Spring will turn into an immense tidal wave against Israel. The hatred will be galvanizing, the focus of attention like a huge wave of boiling super-hot magma. “Palestine, Al Quds, Rid the World of the Jews.” That’s a cause the world can easily rally around.

Israel falls directly into the trap. Much like the dream to visit and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, from which movies were made and financed in part by Israel (trying to promote cinematography), Israel willingly walks to the slaughter.

Israel is focused on tourism and 2011 has been its best year thus far. One possible reason is that Israel is now the only alternative for those who previously planned to visit the Pyramids or elsewhere throughout the now-dangerous Arab spring/youth revolt centers.

So what do the thinking powers in Israel do? They encourage tourism even further, by adding gasoline to a fire ready to erupt to new unheard-of heights. Israeli English paper HaAretz reports that more than 60,000 Palestinians are expected to visit Israel as tourists in 2011.

In the first half of the year, the IDF’s Civil Administration issued 31,000 permits, more than the 28,000 issued during all of 2010. Tourist permits “are granted specifically for touring, as opposed to other permits for employment, medical treatment or prisoner visitation,” HaAretz reports.

HaAretz continues:

“‘We want Palestinians, especially young ones, to see another kind of

Israeli, not only soldiers and settlers. Anything that can help them blow off steam and relax. Perhaps instead of demonstrating in September they’ll go to the beach,’ the source said.

“Most of the Palestinians visit Arab and mixed towns such as Haifa, Jaffa and Acre, among other things, because of their beaches.

“‘For many of these youngsters, this is the first visit to the beach,’ says an Israeli guide of West Bank groups.”

One can only stand at awe at the wonderful image of the beaches. No, they belong not to Israel, and as the spokesperson for Peace Now once explained to me, this is not a sign of Israel’s noble heart. Rather it is the ruthless exploits of the Palestinians, showing them their own land and what the Zionists have done to it.

Indeed, why take away the dreams of becoming a Sha’id (martyr) from these children? They are raised on the notion that these very cities—Haifa, Jaffe and Acre—along with every other Israeli city are theirs, occupied by the Zionists, the Israeli/Jewish pigs and apes.

Israel’s tourist visas to the Palestinians school groups and others are just a teaser: See what we took from you, see how well we stole, conquered and now tempt you with the smells, sights and sounds. Oh, these bastard Zionists, these Israeli Nazis. It’s like showing a dieter a new type of chocolate.

Israel, you see dear reader, cannot disengage from doing good things. This is nothing short of paving one’s own path to destruction, digging one’s own grave or jumping into the abyss.

The Palestinians today have a dream, and they have embedded it into their children; they look forward the day when they will be able to swim in a Sea now controlled and contaminated by Jewish pigs and apes.

If the image of the Sea is so strongly rooted in the collective mindset, just think about the status of Al Quds in their list of priorities of freeing Occupied land: This is a holy war, and the brainwashing takes place five times a day in the mosques and then reinforced powerfully by the TV, radio and Internet.

Clearly they are driven to rid Palestine of the Jews. Equally as evident, the sentiment now being shouted loud and clear from Tahrir Square in Egypt will soon spread throughout the Middle East. The masses with renewed vigor will start turning their attention to everyone’s all time favorite enemy and their great uniting factor: The Jews. There will be no stopping then.