AIPAC, Please Pack Your Knives and Go

By Norma Zager

One of my favorite television reality shows is Top Chef.

At the end of the competition each week, Padma Lakshmi turns to one of the hopeful contestants and says, “Please pack your knives and go.”

Definitive, succinct and the culmination of a presence no longer welcome in the kitchen.

Perhaps it is time for the Jewish people who embrace Israel and its survival to say to AIPAC as well, “Please pack your knives and go.”

Why? Oh, for so many reasons, not the least of these is their total failure to live up to their job description and lobby in support of Israel.

Still don’t get it?

At the Oscar telecast Seth McFarland was criticized for the skit he did alluding to the fact the “Jews” run Hollywood.


That ancient stereotype is about as relevant or true as “All Black People Can Dance.”

The likes of Louis B. Mayer and Jack Warner are dead, and the few Jews who do have power in Tinsel Town are a majority of left-wingers who support handing the State of Israel to the Arabs, or to whomever wants it next.

Mayer was tough because the Jews that started Hollywood were well acquainted with hatred and Anti-Semitism. That is why stars who were Jewish changed their names. They knew they were in a battle against prejudice, and they were up for the war.

Today’s so-called media moguls are not.

They are weak, wishy-washy and turn on their own people in a New York Minute.

Can you say Munich?

And that is why AIPAC has lost its ability to be a force to combat hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.

Let me point out one major ingredient in the recipe for disaster they have created that has led to their failure to return to the Top Chef competition again.

Add one large cup of cowardice.

The appointment of Charles Hagel as Secretary of Defense illustrates how little power AIPAC has to lobby against anti-Israel candidates.

What’s next? David Duke for U.S. Ambassador to Israel?

Well, if the President did bring Duke’s name forward, I have no doubt AIPAC couldn’t prevent him from being approved by the Senate.

An Exaggeration? I think not.

Once a powerful force for the Jewish people, AIPAC now lacks the power to swat a fly that lands half dead on the table at a picnic.

Tragically, they are sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars donated to them with the expectation they will control the anti Semites in their war against Israel and its very existence.

Oops, money not so well spent I guess.

Maybe you should have invested in Apple stock?

The organization that now exists as AIPAC is only a mere distant memory of the strong political force once determined at all costs to ensure a strong and secure Israel.

Now they are no more than a mewing kitten looking for a tummy rub from a dangerous liberal agenda.

The Jewish people are in a world of hurt when the only man powerful enough to assert himself on the will of an administration and effect elections is George Soros. A man who began J Street as a force to ensure a leftist mentality prevails.

The phrase Never Again is as weak now as a baby after a warm bath. It carries no weight because the Jewish disease has invaded the body, and once again the world sees Jews and Israel as an enemy, a scapegoat for all the misdeeds and ills of the world.

If it weren’t for Israel there would be peace in the Middle East.

If it weren’t for the Jews our university and college campuses would not have any trouble with Muslim students.

If it weren’t for the Jews…

As we all know there is a frightening ending to this sentence.

Can’t happen again?

If you believe that, there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, and I am the listing agent.

AIPAC is not a medical organization, so I understand it has great limitations where Jewish people are concerned.

Their disease is too strong and embedded in the DNA to drive out with donations or speeches.

Inside the body politic of the Jewish people is such a sense of self-loathing and fear that Jewish people must live their entire lives justifying their own existence.

Love me! Love me! I am worthy, is their desperate call to arms.

Sadly, it is no longer Never Again will you murder our babies!

Oops, big difference in tone here.

Big difference in results as well.

The Jewish people have tragically once again succumbed to their own insecurity and lack of self-esteem.

Their need to be accepted and loved supersedes their own instincts to survive as a nation.

Until they change the ingredients of their own pathetic offering for disaster and sit down at the table with a winning recipe, they are doomed to be poisoned by their own food.

AIPAC’s recent failure to overcome appointments that are certain to harm Israel, and so ultimately the Jewish people, proves how far we have fallen.

We need to create a new recipe that includes strength, self-esteem and resolve.

Haven’t the Jewish people had enough experience already with bad recipes and ovens?

And so I say loud and proud, “AIPAC, please pack your knives and go!!”