Israel is Finally Fighting Back!

By Ari Bussel

Something exciting is happening lately, it seems Israel is actually fighting back.

Syrian President Assad keeps butchering the opposition, while the world stands silent. Iran tests missile launches from underground facilities, and it is “discovered” by the free world Iranian missiles are able to carry nuclear warheads and reach Israel and the United States. In Egypt’s Tahrir Square, the “Arab Youth” realizes little has changed, and Libya’s Gaddafi is still ruling strong.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Remarks 26 June 2011

Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser

June 25th, 2011, was the fifth anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s Abduction. He is being held by a brutal enemy, Hamas, which refuses to uphold either the minimal demands of the international treaties or humanitarian conditions. It has refused to allow him even one visit by the International Committee of the Red Cross. It is holding him in harsh conditions and we know how his family is suffering. I think that the entire nation and all fair and just people in the world are incensed at what Hamas is doing.

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Help in Answering a Question

By Ari Bussel

I was asked what seemed a very easy question: Why does no country keep an embassy in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem?

In 1947 (November 29) the United Nations called for a termination of the British Mandate over Palestine and partitioned the land into a Jewish and an Arab state. It was in 1948 that the Jewish state declared (May 14) and later in 1949 that it was admitted to the United Nations (May11).

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A Heavenly Promise – Thy Children Shall Come Back to Their Own Border

By Ari Bussel and Norma Zager

2,700 hundred years ago, the Prophet Jeremiah described a mother, lamenting her sons, for they were gone, and with them she had no hope for the future, for her end of days, for continuation.

It was a time of deep sorrow and mourning, describes the Prophet and says that God will turn it into immense joy and jubilation.

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Will We Prove Worthy?

By Ari Bussel

There is a generation that understands the term “dodging the draft.” A war raged, far away from America’s shores, and many were convinced we should not be involved. Those were the days of flowers, peace, drugs and free love. War did not fit into this lifestyle.

Decades passed. More wars were fought, in Iraq then in Afghanistan. The American resolve that was ironclad ten years ago weakened with the passage of time from the attacks on U.S. soil. The reason for going to war in 2003 against Saddam Hussein—as crazy and cruel as he was to his people—proved nonexistent, and so a shaky belief in military intervention dwindled even further.

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The Too Enticing Smell of Death

By Ari Bussel

The United States of America under President Barack Obama will be accused one day of bringing about the next world war.

It was President Obama who demanded President Mubarak of Egypt to leave. With an equally heavy hand, he demanded Libyan leader Gaddafi’s exit. It worked successfully with Mubarak, America’s closest Middle Eastern ally after Israel. It shocked many because no one expected a friend to sell out a friend, and the lesson left a very deep impression across the Arab world and Israel.

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Those Progressive Liberals

By Ari Bussel

Israel National News reports about the Israeli Presidential Conference taking place now in Jerusalem. Judea and Samaria Council’s chairperson Danny Dayan and J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami participated in a panel discussion about criticism and loyalty in the relations between Israel and the Diaspora.

Dayan asked Ben-Ami: “When, recently, did you do a simple act for Israel, one which every child understands is for Israel and does not require a philosophical roundabout explanation?”

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Spinning Out of Control

By Norma Zager

“There Is A Voice Inside Of You

That Whispers All Day Long,

‘I Feel That This Is Right For Me,

I Know That This Is Wrong.’

No Teacher, Preacher, Parent, Friend

Or Wise Man Can Decide

What’s Right For You—Just Listen To

The Voice That Speaks Inside.” Shel Silverstein

There is always an abundance of political rhetoric before an election. Spin doctors are practically churning themselves into butter trying to take a president’s negatives and convince a disgruntled public they are actually positives, they just don’t see things clearly.

It seems American voters become sight impaired before elections and require spin doctors to act as guide dogs into the voting booth.

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The Extra Step

By Ari Bussel

Taking the extra step is the least convenient yet most rewarding action one can do. A person was not feeling well, and you promised to check up on him. Then things got hectic, and you forgot, or you thought to yourself someone else will be checking up on him. Except no one ever does.

There is no one else involved, except you and your inner spirits: One veering you to laziness, inaction and complete satisfaction with inaction. The other punches you in the stomach, urging, encouraging even promising you an internal reward.

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Protecting Free Speech

By Ari Bussel

The expression “ugly” or “naked” truth hits one squarely in the face. No makeup, costumes or other tricks of the trade, just plain, exposed reality. One we often do not like when we see it.

Many times it takes a child, someone naïve, unbiased and innocent, to expose things as they really are, not the way we were grown accustomed to see them. Without any pretense or illusion, without lighting or sound effects, the child declares, “Naked is the King,” and we are astonished at the simple truth we see for the very first time.

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